Hadley Juniors Football Club is a Senior Club in Telford & Shropshire and in order to continue to progress as a well respected organization the committee feels it necessary to issue all Managers, Players, Parents & Guardians with a code of conduct that clearly lays out the clubs expectations from all players and supporters. Before any player is allowed to play for Hadley Juniors they must abide by the club constitution, which now includes the Code of Conduct listed below. A copy of this constitution should be carried by your child’s manager, or may be requested from any committee member.

Managers Code of Conduct.

All managers have agreed to abide by the code listed below.

· Ensure the personal safety of every player is the first priority while in his or her care.

· Always be on time on training and match days.

· Lead by example in terms of behaviour, language and attitude whilst leading their team.

· Never place any of their players at any risk other than those expected on the soccer field.

· Abide by the clubs rules laid out in the constitution and apply them fairly to all players.

· Provide the best quality training they can in line with their ability and the expertise available to Hadley Juniors.

· Provide clean and respectable kit for players representing Hadley Juniors Football Club.

· To provide as much notice as possible of training or matches that have been arranged or cancelled.

· Abide by the rules regarding Player subscriptions as written in the constitution.

· Team Selection will be fair in terms of training display, attitude, fitness and ability.

Players Code of Conduct.

All players must agree to these before they sign for Hadley Juniors.

· Endeavour to be on time to training sessions and matches.

· Bring the correct equipment to both training & matches and ensure these are clean and respectable.

· To be respectful to all players, parents, managers, officials and coaches of all teams.

· You will never criticise other players.

· Always be honest to your manager especially if asked about your fitness.

· Never abuse (physically or verbally) any player, parent, manager, officials or coaches of any team. Including match officials as this may lead to instant exclusion from Hadley Juniors Football Club.

· Pay any fine imposed by the Football Association, League or club.

· Ensure you call your Manager in the event that you are unavailable for training or matches. Failing to call could mean you do not play unless you have a very good reason for absence.

· Never arrive to matches or training under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. The manager has the right to remove a player from selection if they believe this is the case and refer the incident to the committee.

· Encourage all members of Hadley Juniors F.C.

· Remind your parents/guardians of their code of conduct.

Parents / Guardians. Code of Conduct.

All parents/Guardians must agree to these in order for your child to represent Hadley Juniors Football Club.

· Offer assistance to your child’s manager whenever possible. (Help with the Goals etc.)

· Always encourage you child’s team and their opposition.

· Ensure your child abides by their code of conduct.

· Never openly criticise match officials or verbally or physically abuse them. This may lead to disciplinary action from the Football association, the League and the club.

· Never openly criticise officials of the club, remember they are all unpaid volunteers, talk to them in private and if you are still not happy talk to the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary or Assistant Secretary of Hadley Juniors. If you are still not happy.

· Keep up to date with club payments.

· Do not interfere with team selection unless openly invited by the manager it is their sole responsibility.